Insulated Glass Replacement Services in Lake County, IL & Beyond

Insulated Glass Replacement Gurnee ILInsulated glass windows are a great investment for homeowners who are looking for an energy efficient solution for their home. However, if your insulated windows are foggy, cloudy, or have condensation between the panes, you may need insulated glass replacement services from Waukegan Gurnee Glass Company, a trusted glass service company based in Gurnee, Illinois, and serving Lake County and the surrounding area.

Foggy & Cloudy Glass Are Significant Problems

Condensation that cannot be wiped off on either side of the window indicates that there is moisture between the glass panes. A foggy or cloudy appearance of your windows indicates that there is damage to the seals. Not only do these problems detract from the beauty of your windows and your ability to see out of them, but they are a definitive sign that insulating capabilities have failed, and your windows are not delivering the thermal performance that they were designed for.

Insulated Glass Replacement Services from the Experts

If you’re in need of cloudy or foggy glass repair or replacement services, Waukegan Gurnee Glass Company can help. We’ll start with a free consultation to evaluate the failed glass on your insulated windows. From there, we’ll determine which service will provide the best solution. We can replace the insulated glass in your existing windows or, if your windows are extensively damaged, we offer complete window replacements. No matter which option is right for you, our window condensation repair services will ensure your windows are restored to optimal condition so that they deliver the energy efficiency benefits you want from them.

Contact Waukegan Gurnee Glass Company today for a free estimate of your insulated glass replacement project. We’re based in Gurnee, IL, and proudly serve homeowners in Lake County and the surrounding area.

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 So glad to find this place. Such quick turn around! 
 They’ve replaced two windows at the house and repaired a basement window while I waited at their shop. Very professional and great work. 
 I am opening a new small business. I needed dressing room mirrors and a window replaced. I really had no idea what I was doing and the folks at Waukegan Gurnee Glass were so helpful! They took their time to explain my options, go over pricing, and help me make the right decision for my new business. Love them! 
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